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Newfoundland Power Fair Return and Capital Structure
Info Item #1 Newfoundland Power's Customer, Energy and Demand Forecast of May 2007, filing in respect of its 2008 GRA
Info Item #2 Introduction Evidence (p.1-9) of Newfoundland Power's May 10, 2007 filing in its 2008 GRA
Info Item #3 Introductory Evidence (p.1-1 to p.1-5) of Newfoundland Power's May 28, 2009 filing in respect of its 2010 GRA
Info Item #4 Introductory Evidence (p.1-1 to p.1-8) of Newfoundland Power's September 14, 2012 filing in respect of its 2013/2014 GRA
Info Item #5 Third Quarter 2015 Report, Fortis Inc., dated September 30, 2015
Info Item #6 Fortis BC Energy Inc.'s October 2nd, 2015 Volume I Evidence - "Common Equity Component and Return on Equity (ROE) for 2016"
Info Item #7 Reply to RFI CA-NP-612 filed in the 2013/2014 Newfoundland Power General Rate Application
Info Item #8 Alberta Utilities Commission Decision 2014-347 dated December 16, 2014
Re: Enmax Power Corporation 2014 Phase I Distribution Tariff Application (p. 70)
Info Item #9 British Columbia Utilities Commission Decision of September 15, 2014
In the Matter of Fortis BC Inc.'s Multi-Year Performance Based Ratemaking Plan for 2014 through 2018 -pp. 199-203
Info Item #10 Alberta Utilities Commission Decision 2013-358 dated September 24, 2013
ATCO Electric Ltd. 2013-2014 Transmission General Tariff Application
Info Item #11 Examination Aid, "Components of Short Term Incentives"
Info Item #12 Examination Aid, "Changes to the Short-Term Incentive Plan"
Info Item #13 Examination Aid "Short-Term Incentive Plan Policies"
Info Item #14 Examination Aid "Salary Policy Comparison"
Info Item #15 Examination Aid, Peer Group Comparison - Utilities
Info Item #16 Examination Aid Peer Group Comparison - Crown Corporations
Info Item #17 Minutes of the August 20, 2015 Meeting of the Toronto Transportation Commission
Info Item #18 Reply to CAPP IR ROE-9 (a) filed by Ms. Kathleen McShane in 2011 Alberta Utilities Commission Generic Cost of Capital Proceeding.
Info Item #19 AUS Monthly Utility Report - January, 2016
Info Item #20 Professional Qualifications of Pauline M. Ahern, CRRA, Managing Principal of AUS Consultants, Publisher of AUS Utility Reports
Info Item #21 Oliver Wyman Report (2015) - "North American Utilities: Still a Smart Bet for the New Grid"
Info Item #22 Pages 9-11 of Fortis BC Energy (FEI) answer to AMPC IR 1 in 2016 B.C.U.C. Hearing
Info Item #23 Short Form Prospectus issued by Fortis Inc. on September 11, 2014
Info Item #24 Evidence of Ms. McShane filed on behalf of Newfoundland Power Inc. with the (NL) Board dated September, 2012
Info Item #25 Cross Aid on Regression Analysis
Info Item #26 Article in Barren's dated May 9th, 2015, "Time to Give Utility Stocks Another Look"
Info Item #27 Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Decision 2011-474
Info Item #28 BCUC Decision dated May 10th, 2013 in Generic Cost of Capital Proceeding (Stage 1)
Info Item #29 Standards & Poor's April 30, 2015 Rating Report on Fortis Inc.
Info Item #30 Newfoundland Power Fair Return and Capital Structure
Info Item #31 Expert Evidence of Laurence Booth: Fair Return for Newfoundland Power, November 2012
Info Item #32 United States of America Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. EL11-66-001, June 19, 2014
Info Item #33 Page Excerpts from Laurence Booth and Sean Cleary Introduction to Corporate Finance, Third Edition
Info Item #34 Newfoundland Power: Capital Structure Recommendations
Info Item #35 Newfoundland Power's 2013 Conservation and Demand management Report dated March 31, 2014
Info Item #36 Newfoundland and Labrador Conservation and Demand Management Potential Study: 2015 dated June 2015 (by ICF International)
Info Item #37 Website publication of Efficiency Nova Scotia entitled “Green Heat”
Info Item #38 News Release of October 1st, 2015 - "NB Power Launches Smart Habits Ductless Heat Pump Rebate"
Info Item #39 Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Program "Overview" and "How do I Participate?" sections
Info Item #40 Mini-Split Heat Pump Research Report by Newfoundland Power Inc. dated November 12th, 2015
Info Item #41 Introduction Evidence (p.1-9) of Newfoundland Power's May 10th, 2007 filing in respect of its 2008 GRA
Info Item #42 CA-NP-406 - Newfoundland Power - 2013/2014 General Rate Application

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