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The Board by statute is comprised of four full-time Board Members. At present, the Board has a Chair & CEO, Vice-Chair and two Commissioners.

In addition to the Board members , there are a small number of professional staff members who provide advice and support to the Members and administer the operations of the Board.

 The Board reports to the Minister of Justice administratively and submits to the Minister an annual report. A panel decision on a hearing is independent of any reporting structure.

The Board is funded by assessments upon the industries it regulates and therefore is excluded from the general budget of Government. 

The Public Utilities Board is responsible for the general supervision of Newfoundland Power Limited, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Corporation, the supervision of automobile insurance rates of 56 registered automobile insurance companies and for ensuring fairness in marketing of petroleum products throughout the province in accordance with the Petroleum Products Act. The Board is also responsible for limited regulation of the motor carrier industry in relation to certain passenger and ambulance operations as well as conducting hearings and other required activities under the Expropriation Act.

With each of these industries the Board is involved in ongoing regulatory activities pertaining to: complying with reporting requirements and Board Orders, considering applications, managing complaints, responding to inquiries, and conducting hearings on various matters. The Board also conducts investigations into particular matters or concerns relating to service quality, and activities initiated by Government.

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