Board of Commissioners
of Public Utilities
Petroleum Pricing Questions and Answers

Question 1: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
Which fuel products are regulated in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Question 2: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
What is the schedule for maximum price adjustments?

Question 3: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
What is the relationship between crude oil prices and gasoline motor fuel prices?

Question 4: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
From where does the Board receive its pricing information?

Question 5: (REVISED 09-08-2011)
How does the Board determine maximum fuel prices in the province?

Question 6:
What's the breakdown for the price of a litre of gasoline motor fuel?

Question 7: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
Why doesn't NL see the same pricing movements as the other provinces in Atlantic Canada where fuels are regulated?

Question 8:
What do I do if I think I've been overcharged for my fuel purchase?

Question 9:
Why do international events affect fuel prices in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Question 10:
Newfoundland and Labrador has its own source of offshore oil and a refinery, so why aren't fuel prices cheaper here?

Question 11:
Why can't there be just one price for the entire province?

Question 12: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
Why do maximum prices for regulated petroleum products in some areas of Labrador not change during the winter season?

Question 13: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
Why does the price of heating fuel sometimes increase during the summer months when the temperatures are warmer and one would expect that consumption has decreased?

Question 14: (REVISED 01-28-2010)
Why is a winter blend necessary for some products?

Question 15: (REVISED 11-19-2009)
Does the Board regulate the price of propane used in barbecues or other appliances?

Question 16:
Why does it seem like fuel prices are quick to increase, yet they don't seem to fall as quickly?

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